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  • Overhead Stirrer QOS-A101

Overhead Stirrer QOS-A101

These overhead stirrer are sturdy and made up stainless steel mostly. They are used for small to larger amount of liquid stirring.
Stir capacity : 50ml - 50L
Stir speed : Digital LED  display
Stir rod length : 350mm
Stir rod material : Stainless steel
Holder length : 700mm
Chuck clamping range : Ø1.5-10
Motor type : Brushless DC Motor
Motor power : 100W
Motor torque : 450 m N.M
Voltage : 220V +/- 10%,or 110V +/- 10%
Rotational speed range : 60- 1500rpm/60- 2000rpm
Product dimension : 390×93×160mm
Gross weight : 12.1kg
  • It is equipped with digital LED display showing stirring speed
  • The whole assembly can be dismantle and shipped
  • The U-shaped base makes it gripping and allows to be in pQACe while the machine is in operation
These are widely in many industries namely cosmetics, paints, perfumery, food and beverages etc.

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