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  • Overhead Stirrer  QOS-A300

Overhead Stirrer QOS-A300

QOS-A3 series are equipped with digital LED display showcasing stirring speed, speed control with Micro-computer controller.
Voltage : AC 220V ± 10%
Stir capacity : 18L
Stir rod length : 350mm
Diameter of the stir rod : 8mm
Diameter of the holder : 19mm
Holder length : 700mm
Chuck clamping range : Ф1.5-10
Lift mode : Manual lift
Frequency : 50/60Hz
Rotational speed range : 50-1500min/rpm
Product dimension : 185×85×190mm
Stirring Speed : 50W
  • It is equipped with digital LED display showing stirring speed
  • The whole assembly can be dismantle and shipped
  • The U-shaped base makes it gripping and allows to be in pQACe while the machine is in operation
These are widely in many industries namely cosmetics, paints, perfumery, food and beverages etc.

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