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  • Pharmacy Refrigerator QPR-D103

Pharmacy Refrigerator QPR-D103

Laboquest pharmacy refrigerators is being designed to provide a critical cold storage requirement for pharmacy and pharmaceutical factories. The model showcase features like durable exteriors, automatic defrost, microprocessor and reliable temperature control.

Power : 110W
Cabinet type : Chest, foam door
Capacity : 300L/cu.ft
Defrost : manual
Refrigerant : R134a
Ambient temperature : 10 ̴ 32°C
Temperature range : 2 ̴ 8°C
Controller : Microprocessor
Display : Digital display
Power failure : Y
Door ajar : N/A
Foot : N/A
Caster : Y
Net/gross weight : 49/52kg
Cooling type : Direct cooling
Internal dimension : 972×490× 660mm
Insulation : PU whole foam
High/low temperature : Y
Testing hole : optional
Abnormal voltage alarm : N/A
Controller error alarm : Y
Outer door/type : 1/ foam door
outer lock : 1
light : N/A
Power supply : 187-242V,50-60Hz
Internal material : Embossed Al board
External material : Color sprayed steel
Shelves : baskets
External dimension : 1120×745× 875mm
Packaging dimension : 1205×790× 935mm
  • Temperature synchronizing technology the precision can be achieved by 01degC
  • Multi-functional control panel integrated master power switch light switches glass membrane switches printed press electronic lock unlock button reset button USB interface and keys required for normal thermostat
  • Up to 90000 group temperature data recording periods more than 13 months alarm recording 1000 groups
  • Intelligent power saving mode the fan is automatically start and stop according to ambient temperature The inside temperature will adjust according to different time period of the day
  • External with high quality cold pressed steel plate and the surface has been advanced anti corrosion phosphating spray treatment safe and reliable
  • LED light top to bottom ensuring lighting throughout the cabinet
  • Optional message alarm function adjustable shelves button baskets easy to use voltage protection power failure protection fingerprint lock

To store vaccines, reagents, insulins and other medicinal ingredients which requires cooler temperature. It is suitable for pharmacy, hospital CDC, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

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