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  • Microplate Reader QMR-A100

Microplate Reader QMR-A100

We are offering a superior quality microplate reader with an 8-channel optical fibre system which enables reading of the whole plate within 6 secs.

Display : 8” LCD touch screen
Power supply : AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Printer : External (Optional)
Light source : Halogen tungsten Lamp (12V/20W), ≥3000 hours
Plate type : 48-well, 96-well microplates
Repeatability : CV≤0.3%
Stability : ≤±0.3%
Resolution : 0.001Abs(display, print); inner calculating 0.0001Abs
Vibration plate : 5 Grade speeds adjustable, time 0-255s adjustable
Interface : RS232 printer interface
Reading rate : 6s/96 well plate, single wavelength
Wavelength range : 400-750nm
Optical filter : 405,450,492,630nm (other wavelengths optional)
Absorbance range : 0.000-4.000Abs
Detector : Silicon photocell
  • Large LCD color display touch screen operation of industrial gradebr
  • Automatic 8-channels optical fibre measurement system is easy to set upbr
  • Imported detector with three types of linear vibration plate functionbr
  • Centre positioning function accurate and reliablebr
  • Unique open Cut-Off judgment formulabr
  • Circulation mode Open type qualitative determination and quantitative analysisbr
  • Measurement mode Automatic Single-wavelength dual-wavelength end point methodbr
  • Build module for the inhibition rate measurement dedicated to the field of food safetyp

It is widely used in the fields of hospital, clinical diagnosis, immune pathology testing, microbial antigen and antibody detection, parasitic diseases diagnosis, blood disease diagnosis, endocrine disorder measure, plant diseases and insect pet’s studies and so on.

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