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  • Microplate Washer QMW-A200

Microplate Washer QMW-A200

Our Laboquest ELISA microplate washer, featured with 8 or 12 washing probes suitable with 96-well and 48-well microplates. 

Power supply : 220+22 voQTS AC 50+1 Hz
Temperature range : 15- 30℃
Plate type : 48-well, 96-well
Wash cycles : 1-20 cycles
Atmospheric pressure range : 86.0KPa~106.0KPa
Total power : ≤80W
Average Residue : 2ul/ well
Washing the row number of microplate : 1 row per time (1-12 rows)
Dispense Precision : ≤3% CV
Relative humidity : ≤80%
  • 96-well and 48-well microplatesbr
  • Automatic washing takes 5 daysbr
  • Five ways shaking procedurebr
  • 100 program memory functionbr
  • Excess fluid is automatically dischargedbr
  • 8 channel or 12 channels washing manifoldbr
  • Soaking time upto 20 minutes programmable in secondsbr
  • Regulates rinse position of cleaning head according to user requirementsbr
  • Chooses to set washing parameters for different effectsbr
  • Available external programmingdownloading through RS232 portsbr
  • Non-corrosive gases no mechanical vibration and no strong magnetic field interferencebr
  • Accessories include Power cord Fuse tube Wash table Waste bottle Pass needle Silicon tube Cleaning head Manual Warranty cardp

It is an essential instrument used for biochemical assays, cell-based assays including weakly adherent cells, medical and clinical laboratories.

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