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  • Microplate Reader DER-B100

Microplate Reader DER-B100

Microplate Reader DER-B100 has eight channels for sequential and simultaneous reading of micro-plate strips with 96 wells. It is designed according to the most sophisticated technologies which turns out to be of high quality and reliability as well as of high precision and easy to use operation.
Light sourceHalogen tungsten Lamp (8V/50W)
Plate type48-well,96-well microplates
Wavelength range340-750nm
Optical filter405,450,492,630nm (4 wavelengths optional)
Absorbance range0.000-4.000Abs
Measurement modeMonochromatic, bichromatic
Calculation modeABS; Cut-off; Linearity; Log X; Log Y
Resolution0.001Abs(display, print); inner calculating 0.0001Abs
Reading rate5s/96 well plate
InterfaceRS232 printer interface
PrinterExternal printer (optional)
Power supplyAC110/220V±10%,50/60Hz
Package size (W×D×H)550mm×430mm×290mm
  • 8 channel optical fiber system enables 5 seconds reading for 96 well plate
  • Auto position function ensures accurate results
  • Bichromatic measurement multi-calculation methods include ABS Cut- off Linearity and Log
  • 405nm 450nm 492nm 630nm 4 free positions storage capacity for 28 test programs
  • Big LCD question and answer mode for program humanity design easy to operate PC controlled work station function
  • Self-test enables to operate in normal condition
  • Editable plate shaking modes enables excellent mixing giving the reliable results
  • Multi-test methods qualitative and quantitative test
  • Intelligent operating software able to communicate with PC
Microplate Reader is widely used in the fields of hospital clinical diagnosis, immune pathology testing, microbial antigen and antibody detection, parasitic diseases diagnosis, blood disease diagnosis, endocrine disorder measure, plant diseases and insect pets studies etc.

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