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  • Microplate Washer DEW-A100

Microplate Washer DEW-A100

Microplate washer DEW-A100 has 8-channels or 12-channels adapted to wash 96-wells and 48-well microplates. It is designed for high performance and use in routine ELISA applications.
Microplate types48-wells, 96-wells
Washing5 ways automatic washing
Number of microplate rows that can be washed1 row per time, 1- 12 rows
Average residue2µl per well
Dispense precision≤3% CV
Shaking5 ways
Memory100 programs
Wash cycles42389
Soak timeProgrammable in seconds, up to 20 minutes
Anti-overflowExcess fluid is automatically discharged
Operating temperature15°C to 30°C
Relative humidity≤80%
Range of atmospheric pressure86.0kPa-106.0kPa
Electrical220+22V AC 50+1Hz
  • It can be adapted to the 96- and 48-well microplates
  • Regulates rinse position of cleaning head according to user requirements
  • Chooses to set washing parameters for different effects
  • External programmingdownloading available through RS-232 ports
  • Optional 8-channel or 12 channels
Microplate washers are used in the fields of hospital clinical diagnosis and are employed to wash cell cultures, protein arrays, western blots and beads as well as applied in DNA purification protocols.

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