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  • Rotary Evaporator QRE-A102

Rotary Evaporator QRE-A102

QRE-A102 rotary evaporator have digital display, temperature for optimal control. With ambidextrous design, it is highly convenient for all types of users.

DisplayLCD digital
Motor power40W
Speed of tolerance set rotational speed<100rpm+/-1 rpm
Type of coolingVertical condenser
Collect flask2000ml
Rotary flask3L
Bath volume max.5L
Bath power1500W
Bath materialStainless steel combined bath
Bath voltage100V-240V
SealingTeflon+ fluorelastome
Cooling surface1500cm2
Evaporation rate2L/hr
Speed range0 -180rpm
Ambient temperature5- 40°C
Ambient relative humidity0.8
Heating controlPID, thermocouple
Heat control accuracyPID
Dimensions730×520×650 mm
  • It is equipped with digital display for rotational speed and heating bath temperature which allows for optimal control for the distilling process
  • Manual lift with integrated safety lift-out-function
  • Wateroil heating bath with integrated ergonomic carrying handles
  • Key-button with locking function for the heating bath temperature

They are widely used in chemical laboratories, for evaporation of solvent from the samples.

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