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  • Sample Concentrator DSC-C100

Sample Concentrator DSC-C100

Nitrogen sample concentrator (96-gas-needles) is mainly used for concentrating or preparing sample in batch.
Temp. control range : RT +5˚C~150˚C
Temp. setting range : 5˚C~150˚C
Temp. stability @40~100˚C : ≤±0.5˚C
Temp. stability @100~150˚C : ≤±0.1˚C
Block temp. uniformity@100˚C : ≤±0.5 ˚C
Block temp. uniformity@150˚C : ≤±0.1˚C
Temp. display accuracy : 0.1˚C
Heating speed : ≤30min (40˚C to 150˚C)
Time range : 1min~99h 59min or continuous
Needle plate max. lift stroke : 275mm
Gas-in joint outer diameter : Φ7mm
Nitrogen pressure : ≤0.1MPa
Nitrogen flow rate : 0~10L/min
Needle length : 80mm
Sample capacity : 1 standard plate block
Net weight : 5.5kg
Dimensions : 220×260×445mm
Fuse : 250V, 3A/6A, ϕ5×20
Power : 400W
Power supply : AC 220V / AC 110V, 50/60Hz
  • Synchronously working with heating by dry bath in the bottom and nitrogen blowing on the surface accelerates liquid evaporation and sample concentration
  • The height of the air cavity can be adjusted The length of a standard gas needle is 80mm
  • Gas needle is controlled independently Separately blow of each needle and flow regulating of each needle are available to avoid gas waste
  • The entire equipment can be put into ventilation cabinet when the concentration sample in toxic solvents
  • Built-in overheat protection automatic fault detection and fault beep alarm devices
  • LED display immediate temperature and diminishing time Operation is simple and convenient
Nitrogen concentrator is mainly used for enrichment of large-volume sample or preparation (such as drug screening, hormone analysis, liquid phase, and mass spectroscopy in the analysis of sample preparation)

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