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  • Incubator Shaker DIS-A101

Incubator Shaker DIS-A101

This incubator shaker is one temperature controlled biochemical instrument combined incubation and shaking function.
Speed Range : 200-1200rpm
Shaking Orbit : 3mm (horizontal)
Temperature Control Range : R.T.+5 ~60℃
Temperature Setting Range : 5 ~60℃
Temperature Display accuracy : 0.1℃
Temperature Stability @37°C : ≤±0.3℃
Timing Range : 1min ~ 99h 59min or continuous
Optional Platform : Standard pallet PW-1500 (280x214x13mm)
Net weight : 18.7kg
Dimensions : 360mm×435mm×320mm
Fuse : 250V, 3A/5A, ϕ 5×20
Power : 400W
Power supply : AC 220V / AC 1101V, 50/60 Hz
  • Integrate incubator and shaker thus laboratory space Rational and compact design Good temperature uniformity No temperature overshoot problem Low noisy Micro-processor controls temperature and shaking speed
  • Built in timing function
  • Design of Human-machine interface and operation panel
  • Cover can be wide-angle opened convenient to watch and fetch the sample
  • Built-in cover switch When the cover is open air circulation heating and shaking will automatically stop
  • Unique speed control circuit to ensure shaker smooth starting and avoid liquid spilling
  • Speed of the circulation fan is adjustable to avoid high-speed of the circulation fan making the sample volatilizing
  • Independent temperature alarm system Heating is cut off when temperature over the limited value
  • Alarm when program completes
  • Brushless DC motor long life and maintenance free
These shaker incubators are ideal for low foaming, agitating, and widely used in DNA extractions, staining and de-staining procedures.

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