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  • High-frequency Sieve Shaker DHS-A100

High-frequency Sieve Shaker DHS-A100

The sieve shaker is used for the sieving of dry goods with test sieves in research & development, quality control of raw materials, interim and finished products as well as in production monitoring.
Shaking frequency : 500times/min
Shaking way : Up and down motion
Swing radium : 1.5mm
Preset time range : 0-60min, selectable
Sieve size and quantity : Φ200×50 (9pieces), Φ300×75 (7pieces)
Net weight : 60kg
Gross weight : 68kg
Dimensions : 56×60×73cm
Voltage and Power supply : AC 220V, 25W
  • Portable and lightweight structure
  • Working motion is in up and down direction of shaking
  • Threaded rod to be fixed at any layer as per the sieve layer quantity
  • Easy operation and high frequency working
  • Especially for drying power material with cohesive performance from 0075mm-20mm material
The sieve shaker is used in various fields like agriculture, biology, chemistry / plastics, construction materials, engineering / electronics, environment / recycling, food, geology / metallurgy, glass / ceramics, medicine / pharmaceuticals for separation, fractioning, particle size determination, etc.

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