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Plant Growth Chamber LPGC-A11

Labtron offering an extensive range of plant growth chamber to study or simulate different climatic conditions accurately. Double walled highly insulated inner chamber made of stainless steel with semi-circular arcs at its corners for easy cleaning.
Chamber Volume : 450L
Shelves : 3(PCS)
Display Resolution : 0.1℃
Temperature Range : Without Lighting:4~50℃ With lighting:10~50℃
Temperature Stability : ±1℃
Temperature Uniformity : ±2℃
Ambient Temperature : +5~40℃
Humidity Range : 50~90%RH
Humidity Accuracy : ±5~7%RH
Continuous Working Time : No less than 180h
Lighting Intensity : 0~25000LX Four-grade adjustable
Interior Dimension(W×D×H)mm : 700×550×1140
Exterior Dimension(W×D×H)mm : 950×850×1850
Power Consumption : 2100W
Power : 220V 50HZ
  • Microprocessor controller for temperature and humidity large LCD screen
  • It can simulate change in temperature and light in daynight accurately
  • Separate temperature-limiting alarm system incorporated for safe usage
  • Imported compressor and even air circulation
  • Options are available to connect printer and computer for data recording by using RS485 connector Optional
It is widely used in fields like cultivation of biological histolytic, seed gemmating, breeding test, plant cultivation and feeding of insects and beasties.

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