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  • Xenon Test Chamber LXC-A11

Xenon Test Chamber LXC-A11

Model Xenon Test chamber LXC- A11 delivers optimum test results with respect to weather aging test in various industries. By controlling the irradiance of light within the test position and weather-type it provides a stimulation of natural ecological condition necessary to test different resistant properties of the material with respect to aging test.
Bandwidth Measurement (nm) : 300-420
Specimen Capacity (pcs) : 34
Specimen holder size (mm) : 80*15
Chamber Temperature Range : Ambient ~100℃±2°C
Irradiation Source : 1 piece of 6500 W water-cooled Xenon Lamp with inner quartz
and outer borosilicate filter
Irradiance (W/㎡) : 100~1200
Black Panel Temperature : BPT 35 ~85℃±2°C
Average Lamp Life : 1600 hours
Relative Humidity Range : 50~98% R.H±5% RH
Water Spray cycle : 1~9999H59M, adjustable
Internal dimensions (mm) : 950*950*850
Overall dimensions (mm) : 1300*1420*1800
Power Supply : AC380V 50HZ
  • Equipped with 1 Water Cooled xenon arc lamp with inner quartz and outer borosilicate filter
  • User friendly and efficient
  • Comprises of ultrasonic humidifier and dehumidification system to ensure accurate and stable humidity test
  • Simulate daylight spectrum
  • Environment friendly Refrigerant R404A
  • Automatic water supply water purification system water saving
  • Coloured LCD screen display with different test monitoring mode namely digital graphics and animation
  • Provision to adjust light intensity
It is used in different industries such as plastic, paint, dyeing, automobile, motorcycle, petrochemical, textile, leather products etc.

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