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  • Xenon Test Chamber LXC-A21

Xenon Test Chamber LXC-A21

This is a complete weather testing instrument that support climate aging test, polymer fixing test with respect to light resistance. With the help of ecological stimulation such as rain, humidity, temperature control and light (Xenon arc lamp to stimulate destructive waves for diverse environment) a large spectrum of environmental conditions-based aging of materials can be tested.
Bandwidth Measurement (nm) : 300-420
Specimen Capacity (pcs) : 34
Specimen holder size (mm) : 80*15
Chamber Temperature Range : Ambient ~100℃±2°C
Irradiation Source : 1 piece of 6500 W water-cooled Xenon Lamp with inner quartz
and outer borosilicate filter
Irradiance (W/㎡) : 35 ~ 150
Black Panel Temperature : BPT 35 ~85℃±2°C
Average Lamp Life : 1600 hours
Relative Humidity Range : 50~98% R.H±5% RH
Water Spray cycle : 1~9999H59M, adjustable
Internal dimensions (mm) : 950*950*850
Overall dimensions (mm) : 1300*1420*1800
Power Supply : AC380V 50HZ
  • Micro computer based temperature and humidity controller is used
  • Xenon arc lamp is used to simulate full sunlight spectrum
  • Equipped with 1 Water Cooled xenon arc lamp with inner quartz and outer borosilicate filter
  • User friendly and efficient
  • Comprises of ultrasonic humidifier and dehumidification system to ensure accurate and stable humidity test
  • Simulate daylight spectrum
  • Environment friendly Refrigerant R404A
  • Automatic water supply water purification system water saving
  • Coloured LCD screen display with different test monitoring mode namely digital graphics and animation
  • Provision to adjust light intensity
Used for various industries such as plastics, paints, rubber, automobiles, motorcycles, petrochemicals and textile products etc.

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