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  • 3-Zone thermal shock test chamber DST-A100

3-Zone thermal shock test chamber DST-A100

We manufacture extensive range of Thermal Shock Test Chambers which are used to test the capability of material structure or composite materials to withstand the continuous environmental changes.
Interior dimension : 450×400×400 mm
Exterior dimension : 1490×1790×1600 mm
Test weight : 5kg
Volume : 72L
Low temperature chamber : -55ºC ~ -10ºC
Preheat time : +20ºC ~ -55ºC within 60min
Test chamber : -40ºC ~ +150ºC
High temperature chamber : +60ºC ~ +200°C
Recovery time : +60ºC ~ +200°C within 20 min
Safety device : High temp exposure 30min, Low temp exposure 30min, Recovery
time within 5min
Standard accessory : No fuse breaker, over pressure, over heat and over current
protect for compressor, dry heat protect, over temperature
protect, over load protect for blower
Interior Material : Cable port(Port ϕ50mm)×1 shelves×2
Exterior material : Stainless steel plate
Insulation material : Baked painting steel or Stainless steel plate
Refrigeration system : Rigid polyurethane foam and glass fiber wool
Controller : Water cooled, semi-hermetic compressor, cascade
refrigeration system, CFC free refrigerant (HFC-507/HFC-23)
Ambient temperature : 7inch LCD touch screen panel Operation model: Program or
fixed point running Memory capacity: 120 programs 1200
steps All repeat 999cycles,part repeat 99 cycles Accuracy
temp 0.1% of F.S±1 digit Input temp pt:-100 Humidity pt
:-100 or ~ 5V DCV
Power : +5℃ ~ +35℃
  • Thermal shock chamber in each zone for peak demand of heating and cooling
  • Provides extra thermal energy to efficiently meet the MIL-STD 883 requirements
  • Temperature recorder provides 24 hour part temperature recording as the load travels from zone to zone
  • Using touch-control graph control as operation interface easy to operate
  • The system can be used for automatic Circulation Shock or manual selective shock capable of setting two zones or three zones shocks as well as cold and thermal shock start-up
  • Custom-made and optional accessories available
3-zone Thermal shock chamber have been designed to operate in accordance with reliability programs, quality control, commercial test programs and medical tests. It is used to test the capability of material structure or composite material to withstand the continuous environmental changes between extremely high temperature and low temperature during a short period. It is applicable to metals, plastic, rubber, electronics amongst other materials. The test result can be used as a reference or basis for produce improvement.

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