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UV transilluminator
    • Blue light prevents user’s easily exposed parts from UV damage. It’s also no damage for DNA fragments
    • With 108 pieces of LED light, long life and strong illumination. Suitable for observation of large range of fluorochrome. High luminance, high sensitivity and good homogeneity
    • It can be used individually as blue light platform, while it can also be used for matching up multi-images
    • Uniform transillumination blue-ray module. Low background values. No side
    • Screen plate fixed at random. Angle adjustable, can operate using single hand, which makes it more easy to watch the gel
    • Compared with the traditional UV transmission instrument: uniform transillumination blue-ray module, sample observation, more symmetrical and photo’s effect is better
    • Import good quality LED bead. Long-term energy conservation and environmental protection. No need to replace bulbs. Free maintenance and long service life of LED can reach to 100000hours
    • Perfect observation with full size transparent optical filter. Safe operation, no need to wear safety glasses or other protection device