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Viscometer LVM-A10

Labtron Viscometer LVM-A10 is especially designed with spindles for measuring shear rate and shear stress. In addition to providing accurate shear rate and shear stress, they are configured with Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) and stepper motor for accurate and reliable operation.
Viscosity Range : 1-6,000,000 cP, 100-40,000,000 cP, 200-80,000,000 cP,
800-320,000,000 cP
Speed : 0.1-200 rpm
Accuracy : ±1.0% full range
Repeatability : ±0.5%
Power Supply : 100/240 V
  • Compact reliable and powerful and user friendly software
  • Efficiently shows the largest viscosity and continuous change in viscosity
  • Bi-directional interface RS-232PC or 485
  • Alarm alerts if the measurement is out of range
  • Linear correction with excellent in interference immunity
Our product Viscometer has its use in quality control applications to give precise and accurate results of viscosity measurement, also it is used to study flow behavior of liquid and semi solid materials like pharmaceuticals, juices, dairy products, organic solvent, ink, glue, polymer solutions, cosmetics, etc.

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