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  • Viscometer DVS-A100

Viscometer DVS-A100

Labdex introduces different series of viscometer is easy to operate and function with high technology device which gives highly accurate results of viscosity.
Rotating speed : 3/6/12/30/60(r/min)
Measuring range : 1~100000(mPa.s)
Rotor : Measuring the viscometer lower than 10, should equip the
optional accessory: 0# rotor
Measuring error : ±1%(Newtonian liquids)
Repetitive error : ±1%(Newtonian liquids)
Timer function : yes
Power : 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz
Size : 300×300×450mm
Weight : 9kg
  • Measures the viscosity ie resistance of a fluid against shear and flow of a fluid
  • Equipped with time measurements function and Temperature Probe Interface
  • It can show the curve for printing data
  • Use of ARM technology and in-built Linux system
  • User interface is simple and clear because of analysis program creation and testing data analysis gives quicker easier test for sample testing

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