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  • Water Bath Shaker DWB-B100

Water Bath Shaker DWB-B100

Water Bath Shaker DWB-B100 is designed for a wide range of temperature-controlled shaking protocols. Water bath temperature is set and monitored via the easy to read LED display. It has a turn dial temperature control system which maintains the temperature.
Temperature range : 100°C ±0.5°C
Total Bottle Capacity : Flask 250ml×12; 500ml×7; 1000ml×4
Timing Range : 0-120mins(or continuous operation)
Shaking Rate : 0-300strokes/min
Shaking Range : 20mm in a circular function
Heating Power : 1800W
Chamber Size(L×W×H) : 39.37×49.53×16.51cm
Overall Size (L×W×H) : 69.85×54.61×49.53cm
  • Turn dial temperature control has an LED digital display and shows readout in increments of 01C
  • Easy to operate unit comes with heat indicator light and can be used for shaking heating or both
  • Powerful spring stands built for various flask sizes
  • Comes with cover and built-in thermometer
Hybridization applications, cell cultures, cell aeration, increasing solubility rates, molecular biology assays, bacterial cultures.

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