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  • Ultrapure Water Purification System LUW-A10

Ultrapure Water Purification System LUW-A10

This Ultrapure Water Purification System LUW-A10 Provides highest grade of very pure water using a reverse osmosis membrane which eliminates all kinds of impurities such as bacteria, in-organic, organic, pyrogen and particulate matter.
Flow Rate : Max. 15 Litres/ hour
Display : LED Digital
Overall Dimension : 450x400x580mm
Power : 60W
Power Supply : AC 230V, 50/60Hz
  • High quality LED digital display
  • Maximum product RO and UP flow rate 15 Litres hour
  • RO and HP Pack replacement notification function
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Pump protection in case of power cut
  • Equipped with Pre filter AC filter RO-Pack HP-Pack 022m final filter level sensor and power cord
Our series of Ultrapure Water Purification System LUW-A is widely used for: Life Science Research, Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Food and Beverage Industry, HPLC, ICP, Solution Preparation, Pyrogen- sensitive applications, Ion Chromatography and Cell and Tissue Culture.

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