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  • Benchtop pH Meter QBP-A101

Benchtop pH Meter QBP-A101

QBP-A101 benchtop meter are designed to meet your most challenging application with ease. Delivering rich functionality and features, you can optimally configure your meter system to meet changing requirements.

Testing ParameterspH /mV(ORP)
pH Range0.00~14.00
mV Range±1400
pH Resolution0.01
mV Resolution1
pH Accuracy±0.05±1 bit
mV Accuracy±1%FS
Stability(±0.05pH±1 bit)/3h
CalibrationTwo-point calibration
PowerDigital display: DC 6V,300mA
Standard ConfigurationE-201-C pH Combination Electrode; Standard Buffer
  • Large LCD displaybr
  • Support manual temperature compensationbr
  • Perform upto two point pH calibrationbr
  • Measure pH mV or ORP with temperaturebr
  • Ergonomic user-friendly devicebr
  • nbspp

It is widely used in research and chemical laboratories, swimming pool, brewing, heaQTHcare, industrially and domestically.

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