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  • Benchtop pH Meter QBP-B101

Benchtop pH Meter QBP-B101

Get high accuracy, premium performance and ultimate flexibility with pH module. Meet your most challenging applications for pH, mV, ORP and temperature. Perform up to a three point pH calibration, and easily transfer calibration and data logs via USB to a printer or computer.

Testing Parameters : pH /mV(ORP)/˚C
pH Range : -2.00~20.00 pH
mV Range : ±1999 mV
Temperature range : -5.0~135.0 ˚C
pH Resolution : 0.01 pH
mV Resolution : 1 mV
Temperature resolution : 0.1˚C
pH Accuracy : (±0.01pH±1 bit)/3h
mV Accuracy : ±0.1%FS
Temperature accuracy : ±0.2˚C±1 bit
Temperature compensation : Manual/Auto: (-5.0~135.0)˚C
Calibration : Three-point calibration
GLP standard : Yes
Buffer Recognition : (Automatic) Five Buffers
Data storage : 500 sets of data
Interface : USB
Power : Universal power adapter (9V DC, 800mA)
Dimension : 280×215×92mm
Weight : 1kg
Standard Configuration : One-in-three pH Combination Electrode; Standard Buffer
  • Perform up to a three point pH calibrationbr
  • Support manually or automatic temperature compensationbr
  • Automatic 5 buffers recognitionbr
  • USB communication interface with PCbr
  • Remind the electrode performance and calibrationbr
  • 500 sets of data storagebr
  • Power-off protectionbr
  • Auto upgrade hardwarebr
  • Include Smart-Read function Cont-Read function and Timed-Read function modebr
  • nbspp

It is widely used in research and chemical laboratories, swimming pool, brewing, heaQTHcare, industrially and domestically.

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