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  • Portable pH Meter QPP-A100

Portable pH Meter QPP-A100

It is a multi-parameter meter, provide a versatile and simple to use meter that are ideal for routine analysis. It includes up to two point calibration method, and offer research grade specifications with a comprehensive range of features and functions.

Testing ParameterspH / mV (ORP) / ˚C
pH Range0.00~14.00
mV Range±1800
Temperature range-5.0 ~ 105˚C
pH Resolution0.01
mV Resolution1
Temperature resolution0.1 ˚C
pH Accuracy± 0.01±1 bit
mV Accuracy± 0.1 % FS
Temperature accuracy± 0.3 ˚C ± 1 bit
Temperature compensationManual/ Auto (-5.0 ~ 110.0) ˚C
CalibrationTwo- point calibration
Data storage200 sets of data
PowerFour AA batteries
Standard ConfigurationOne-in-three pH Combination Electrode(waterproof); Standard
DisplayBacklit LCD
  • Backlit LCD displaybr
  • Multi-parameter meter can measure pH mV ORPordmCbr
  • Can view delete and print databr
  • Can store 200 sets of databr
  • Waterproof device provided with IP65br
  • Manually or automatic temperature compensationbr
  • Provided with RS-232 communication softwarebr
  • May select 5 standard buffer solution for two-point calibrationbr
  • nbspp

It is widely used in chemical laboratories, swimming pool, brewing, heaQTHcare, industrially and domestically.

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