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  • Precision pH Meter QPM-A102

Precision pH Meter QPM-A102

We deliver Low Precision pH Meter which Identify three types of standard buffer solution, has manually or automatic temperature compensation like feature.

pH Range-2.00~19.99
mv Range0~+1999
Range ℃(0.0~80.0)℃
pH Error+0.01pH
mv Error+.1mv+1d
Error ℃±0.01(℃)
  • Identify three types of standard buffer solution 400 6869018 pHbr
  • Read two or three calibration pointsbr
  • Manually or automatic temperature compensationbr
  • Testing pH Temperature mV ORP meter rangebr
  • Self-moving with combined electrodep

This series is mainly used in laboratories, industries, scientific research laboratories, and institutes.

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